"The new website portal to combine an industry specific search engine, a powerful product finder and a supplier directory for the window, conservatory, glazing and associated industries."

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A1. What is the Insight Index?

It is a website portal that contains a business directory and a product finder with a specially developed search engine.

It is for the trade and commercial market and users of the Index include glazing contractors, window, door and conservatory installers, fabricators, IGU manufacturers, roofline installers, glass processors, curtain walling and specialist contractors. It also serves the construction industry and will be used by architects, building contractors, house builders and developers.

Any company that wants to engage with or supply these types of companies should be listed on the Index with a supplier profile, from manufacturers and distributors to service providers and associations.

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A2. Is the service free to use?

The Index is a free service for anyone wanting to search for businesses, products or information for the purpose of sourcing a new supplier or products. There is no need to register or provide your details to use the Index. For businesses wishing to list themselves on the Index, there is a free subscription option and a range of paid-for subscriptions.

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A3. How do I search on the Index?

There are two search functions: category search and regular search. Category search enables the user to search for companies based on over 300 possible categories.

Regular search operates similar to Google and other search engines and Dex (our search engine robot) displays a list of possible company, product and other results based on a number of criteria such as key words and content relevance. The more information and content you have listed on the Index the better your search ranking will be for the relevant words or phrases the user has searched for. Companies listed on the Index with a free subscription can only display their company information and will not therefore turn up on product searches, so we recommend every supplier has at least the "Standard" subscription package, which includes product listings.

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A4. What subscription options are there as a supplier?

There are four subscription options as follows, with a brief overview of what is included in each subscription.

Free - Display basic company details and logo, 5 categories and a sales enquiry form.

Standard - Includes a company description, 5 product listings and 5 downloads, more categories, accreditations/quality standards, brands and trade names, keywords, additional sites/locations if required and a live link to your website.

Premium - Same as Standard option but with 10 product listings and 10 downloads, additional locations/sites, larger description, and a multi-media file.

Premium + - Same as Standard option but with 30 product listings and 30 downloads, 30 locations/sites if required, 5 multi-media files and 50 categories.

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A5. How do I generate sales enquiries from the Index?

The Index is designed to maximise as many sales opportunities as possible. Every supplier profile on the Index has a sales enquiry form which is used by potential customers. This is automatically forwarded directly to your chosen email address. Potential customers can also use the website link, phone and fax number, or social media links to contact you.

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A6. What is an Index URL?

Every company listed on the Index can have an Index URL. This is a unique web address that points directly to the company's profile on the Index. This address can be added to your website, email signature, business cards, stationery and marketing literature and provides an easy and convenient way of sharing your details on the Index.

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A7. Can visitors to my business listing share the information?

The Index enables visitors to share details of a company profile on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (provided the user has a relevant social media account). The Index URL is also displayed and can be instantly copied to the Clipboard for adding to emails or other content.

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A8. Why is it important to have a Live website link?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an important element of successful online marketing. Part of the process of increasing your own website ranking on search engines such as Google is to have external, relevant links to it. While some directories provide this service many have an embedded "do not follow" command that tells search engines to ignore the link. So while the link itself may work, the link does not provide any equity or value to your website ranking.

Standard, Premium and Premium+ listings on the Index all include a live link to your website with a "follow" command for search engines, thus increasing search traffic to your website and enhancing your own page rankings.

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A9. Are there any restrictions on the PDFs added to a company profile?

The Index is designed to allow visitors to quickly and easily access information in the universally accepted PDF format. To ensure files can be downloaded quickly, we recommend low-res versions are included or for highly technical documents both low-res and high-res versions can be included with an explanation. There is a maximum file size of 5MB per PDF.

You can download Adobe Reader for free from their site.

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A10. Won't my competitors be able to access information?

We recommend adding information that will be of interest to potential customers, however a similar approach should be taken to that of your freely available information on your website. If the information or PDFs are confidential or commercially sensitive, list alternative content/PDFs.

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A11. What if my competitors are also on the Index?

Your competitors may also advertise in the same publications you do, or exhibit at similar events. With this in mind it is important to make sure your profile listing is engaging, relevant and content-rich so your potential customers will contact your business.

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A12. How many companies will be listed on the Index?

The Index is being developed as a comprehensive website portal for the benefit of the industry in general. We aim to have all major suppliers relevant to the industry listed on the Index although there is an initial limit of 100 unique suppliers per category.

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A13. Who is behind the Insight Index?

The Index is a product developed by Insight Data Ltd, the UK's leading provider of business data for the window, conservatory and glass industry. Insight has extensive knowledge of the industry and a vast database of market intelligence. The Index is a proprietary website portal developed by Insight Data with a dedicated web management and database team and a customer service/support team.

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A14. Is it possible to influence the search results on the Index?

The Index incorporates a proprietary, purpose-built search engine (Dex) that spiders the entire content on a daily basis and assigns relevance based on several algorithms and factors. The most influential of these are as follows:

  • a. Content. This is the most influential factor on the Index. The more content you have that is relevant to the search terms the higher your listing will be.
  • b. Premium listing. A premium subscription will give an enhanced listing.
  • c. Link equity. The Index is also influenced by how many links there are to your profile page (your own Index URL). The more links from your website, other directory listings, blogs, etc, the more influential your listing will be.
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A15. How will visitors find out about the Index?

A substantial marketing strategy has been implemented that includes widespread full-page advertising across Windows Active, Glass & Glazing Products, Glass Times, Clearview, Glass News and supplements such as the front cover of Glass Times Marketing Supplement.

A high profile PR plan has also been secured across the media, with full page articles and high impact press releases throughout the press.

The Index will also benefit from the industry's biggest ever direct marketing campaign that targets over 60,000 companies in the UK including every installer, every fabricator, trade counter outlet and glass company by personalised direct mail, plus a monthly ezine (Index Engage) that goes out to 40,000 recipients not just in the glass and glazing industry, but also builders, architects, house-builders, developers and contractors.

Online marketing includes SEO, link-building, PPC (pay-per-click/adwords) and online PR and article submissions. Social media, particularly Twitter and LinkedIn, is also being used to raise awareness of the Index.

In total, over £100,000 is being invested in the marketing of the Insight Index.

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A16. How much does it cost to list my company on the Index?

Although you can list your company for free, we recommend a paid-for listing so that your business and products appear on regular searches. Paid-for listings have been price-pointed to attract a wide range of suppliers with prices from £125 to £175 per month, with discounts available during the launch period. All prices plus VAT.

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A17. Are there any contracts?

You can pay for 12 months in advance, and get 2 months free (pay for 10). Or alternatively you can pay monthly by standing order. This is a rolling agreement that can be cancelled at any time after six months by giving one month's notice.

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A18. I'm not sure what content to add?

If you don't use a PR/marketing agency or you don't have the time to write your own descriptions we can author the content on your behalf. There is usually a small fee for this, but this will be waived until April 2012.

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A19. What is a Featured Company and Featured Product?

The Index does not have any paid-for banner advertising, however there are two opportunities to promote your business and product in addition to your profile listing.

The Featured Company and Featured Product display on the home page has up to 10 companies and 10 products per calendar month, displaying on rotation. This includes an image, a brief description and a link back to your profile page (Featured Company) or products (Featured Product).

Featured Companies and Products are also included in the Index Engage, a monthly ezine that is sent out to 40,000 recipients.

The cost to promote your business using a Featured Company or Featured Product on the Index home page, plus inclusion in the Index Engage, is £300 per calendar month + VAT.

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A20. What is Index Engage?

This is a monthly ezine that is sent to key decision makers across the glass and glazing industry as well as architects, building contractors, house builders and developers.

It is designed to inform recipients that for all things glass and glazing related, they should be using the Index to find suppliers, research information and source products and components.

It also showcases that month's Featured Products and Featured Companies on the Index, delivering your product or company directly to the inbox of over 40,000 important buyers, decision makers, specifiers and influencers.

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