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Euramax provides perfect partnership for Portakabin

Euramax provides perfect partnership for Portakabin

Posted on 22/11/2021

One of Britain’s biggest and fastest-growing uPVC window and door manufacturers is proving its worth in partnership with a leading modular manufacturer.

Euramax Solutions, which manufacturers its products for modular and offsite construction companies across the UK, secured a three-year contract with Portakabin last October to supply 5,000 windows per year for its range of modular buildings.

Portakabin produces modular buildings for commercial offices, education and healthcare facilities as well as construction site accommodation.

It was Euramax Solutions’ development of a bespoke solution for Portakabin, however, that has really set the partnership apart.

From its headquarters in York, Portakabin was developing a new product, a portable building system specifically for Europe.

As part of the system, they wanted to develop a way of installing windows and doors around 175mm deep walls made up of insulation and external finishes either side. After approaching several companies about a solution, it was Euramax they chose.

The right solution

The Euramax Solutions team set about designing and developing a specialised clamping system that attaches to the Euramax window and door products so they can be clamped around the wall rather than fixed.

Nick Cowley, Euramax Solutions’ MD, explained: “As a new building it has some of the deepest walls yet used at 175mm. The problem with insulation and a steel  external finish as a wall structure is, while it’s very thermally efficient and as a panel is very strong, it’s not easy to screw into it to fix a window or door as it’s full of insulation in the middle.

“So, rather than fix through, the method is to clamp the windows and doors around the 175mm wall depth. As well as developing our specialised clamping system, we also developed bespoke extrusions, mouldings, and fixings to facilitate the installation.

“It was fantastic to be able to collaborate with Portakabin to develop the bespoke solution that has allowed them to meet their client expectations.

World class delivery

While the window and door solution has allowed Portakabin to solve a problem for customers, the delivery of the system from Euramax Solutions’ delivery method is also providing multiple efficiency benefits for Portakabin.

The products are delivered in bespoke stillages that are order and batch specific and arrive assigned to the specific module, which can be taken from the stillage straight to the production line. The stillages also protect the windows during transportation and minimise unnecessary packaging waste, further helping to streamline production processes for Portakabin.

“Our lineside delivery process from cradle to grave is in Euramax’s DNA. It’s not just about the product, it’s about the manufacturing, it’s about the logistics to deliver the product in specialised delivery stillages, for lineside delivery and installation with Portakabin,” said Nick.

“Once the products are made, they’re loaded onto crates here and then mechanically handled before it’s fixed to the module at Portakabin. They’re all fully gazed and operational for speedy installation using the specialist fixing systems, so no onsite glazing is required. It’s vital that our windows and doors contribute to the quick completion that Portakabin require.”

The perfect partnership

Ian Donal, Head of Supply Chain, Portakabin, said: “Euramax Solutions invested a lot of time and money into the design, development, and technical support for our new European product, and they had the insight into what we required.

“They have not only impressed with product design, but also with how the product is supplied to us. Modular builds are renowned for quick completion, and we can install Euramax Solutions’ products efficiently, so we don’t keep our clients waiting.

“Once our relationship got strong thanks to the European project, we wanted Euramax Solutions to help with the rest of our business. We are delighted with how the collaboration is progressing.”

For more information about how Euramax can contribute to modular, offsite, and portable applications, visit or call 01226 361639.


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