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Leads 2 Trade sees home improvement enquiries rise despite slowdown in mark

Leads 2 Trade sees home improvement enquiries rise despite slowdown in mark

Posted on 27/10/2023

A leading provider of double-qualified sales leads to installers operating in the home improvement sector is generating 13,000 raw enquiries a month – 40% of which are for double glazing.

Despite a slowdown in the market, Leads 2 Trade’s portfolio of websites is showing consumer interest in home improvements such as windows, doors and conservatories is still very much there.

Andy Royle, co-founder and MD of Leads 2 Trade, commented: “Large and small installers are reporting a drop in the market and trading is down, but lead volumes and sales have gone up for us.

Clearly, the cost-of-living crisis isn’t stopping consumers from enquiring about home improvements and instead of going to installers direct they are coming to us.

Leads 2 Trade’s ‘no pitch, no fee’ appointment bookings service has changed the lead generating landscape for installers. With a time and date booked in to see the consumer, the lead is only delivered to one other company, so the installer has more chance of winning the work, and they only pay for the lead if they sit and pitch it, meaning there is zero risk.

“We double qualify all leads through our call centre and all appointment booking leads are against set criteria, so installers are guaranteed to be in front of the consumer. The high conversion rate means it’s the closest thing to a guaranteed sale,” added Andy.

“It’s also perfect for the consumer as, not only do they get the comparison service they are after, but it’s more controlled, and we book the meetings for them, and support them through the journey, with an email, text, and telephone call confirming the first appointment and contact them after to see if their needs have been met. Everything is done for them.”

With eight out of 10 leads sold sat, those leads typically achieving a 1:3 conversion to sale with a cost of sale as low as 8%, and the company’s 16-strong call centre working six days a week to double qualify the thousands of enquiries coming in, Leads 2 Trade has more than 300 installers signed up to its trusted installer network to take advantage.

To join Leads 2 Trade’s trusted installer network for high-quality leads in postcodes of your choice, visit https://leads2trade.co.uk/products/double-glazing-sales-leads/ or call 0800 124 4308.



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