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Listers: Going that extra Smile

Listers: Going that extra Smile

Posted on 10/05/2012

The term “Customer Service” is something that gets banded about as readily as “quality product” and “one stop shop”, but it is often the most neglected part of building long lasting customer partnerships.

Lister Trade Frames success has over the last 35 years has been in part on their ability to go that extra smile. And yes we do mean ‘smile’. They deliberately aim to surpass the expectations of their clients. In many cases that goes further than just the product itself.

One recent example of Listers ‘Customer Service’ involved a long standing customer of theirs called Allcraft Windows. Steve Lloyd, Allcraft’s Owner, had the opportunity to get involved in the development and refurbishment of a new cricket pavilion in the local Northwood area of Stoke on Trent. Steve worked with Listers to come up with the best solution and price to enable him to secure the contract. Steve Lloyd of Allcraft said “I was delighted to have had the backing of Listers for this project. They really helped me get all my ducks in a row and deliver a quality installation to the cricket ground.”

However, that was not the end of the story. The club were so pleased with Allcraft’s work that they presented Steve with the opportunity of prime advertising space on the new pavilion. Not having any personal advertising expertise, Steve turned to Listers for help. Listers were delighted to do all that they could and donated the services of their marketing team along with the materials to come up with a ten metre long advertising hoarding above the pavilion.

“It’s like having my name up in lights”, said Steve, “every time there’s a game my company will be in full view of a captive audience. Once again I’m delighted with the help that Listers have given me”.

Daniel Shaw, Marketing Manager for Listers said this, “it’s a real pleasure to see the smile on the face of a happy customer. Delivering just that little bit extra can make an awful lot of difference to a business relationship.”

Listers show that customer service means a lot more than just delivering a quality product. After-sales service and support means be willing to build genuine partnerships and putting a smile on a customer’s face.




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