Building Plastics: Exterior and interior cladding

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Kolorseal Ltd

The UK's leading specialist uPVC, glass, and metal colour coater, primarily servicing the fenestration industry. More and more consumers are becoming aware of increased colour options when it comes to home improvement products and are no longer settling for standard white. Take advantage of more adventurous consumer tastes with spray coloured PVCu products from Kolorseal. We are... [Read more]


National Plastics (UPVC Distributors Ltd)

Established in 1988, National Plastics are specialist suppliers of high quality uPVC building products for the trade, commercial, domestic and new build markets. The products we stock are suitable for any installation and include; windows and doors, conservatories, roofline, plumbing, fencing, EPDM rubber roofing and internal decorative cladding. Our firm commitment to customer service means National Plastics always strives to deliver you quality uPVC home improvement products on time, every... [Read more]



Plasloc is a patented freestanding PVCu internal and external cladding system designed for a quality, quick installation and easy removal. Plasloc combines the science of the traditional tongue and groove joint with the unique benefit of a compression lock, which prevents panels from separating and failing. The system has also been developed as an environmentally friendly alternative to standard building materials. After use, the cladding is granulated and ready to be closed-loop recycled... [Read more]


AGW Electrical Services


Bioclad Ltd


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Click Plastics


Edge Building Products




Plastic Profiles Ltd


Rhino Upvc Centres Ltd


Spectus Systems Ltd


Total window systems ltd


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