Glass: Toughened

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Glass Systems Ltd

The Glass Systems Group is made up of three business units; Glass Systems, Glass Systems Direct and Climate. These three companies each specialise in the production and distribution of Insulating Glass Units (IGUs), also known as sealed units, to fabricators and installers across England and the South of Wales.         [Read more]


AGC Glass UK Ltd


Allenby Glass Limited


Ames Glass


Brownhills Glass Company Ltd


Carey Glass Limited


Cornwall Glass and Glazing Ltd


Cwmtillery Glass Centre Ltd


DB Glass


Express Glass North West Ltd


Firman Glass


Glass Inspirations Ltd




Glassline Ltd




HW Glass Ltd.




Nicholls & Clarke Ltd


Redruth Glass Centre


Specialist Glass Products Ltd


Stevenage Glass Company Limited


The Wholesale Glass Company


ToughGlaze (UK) Limited