Window and Door Hardware: Architectural hardware

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Vanquish Hardware Protection


Jackloc Company Ltd

Award winning family owned window restictor firm, Jackloc was founded in 2003 by Emma Wells and Deborah Allbutt. Today, Jackloc engineer and manufacture effective new key-lockable window restictors throughout the world. The leading window restrictor manufactured by Jackloc helps to reduce the risk of falls and accidents from windows. They also meet strict quality assurance regime and get the approval of ISO 9001 standards. [Read more]


Archibald Kenrick & Sons


Croft Architectural Hardware


Frank Allart & Co. Ltd


From The Anvil


Hewi (UK) Ltd




Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies


J Banks & Co Ltd


Loxta Hardware


Nico Manufacturing Limited


Quest Hardware


Runners Sliding Systems


SDS London


Stemcor Architectural


UAP Limited